Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Development is the ‘development of wholes’. It is a development paradigm that recognizes that any complete system is made up of self-contained sub-systems that interact with each other to create balance in the main system as well as its parts

It recognizes that any system is more than merely the sum of its parts and that a problem in one sub-system is rarely an isolated issue as other parts of the system in trying to maintain balance would have started adjustments. This means that solving the original problem alone is unlikely to restore the whole system to its optimal balance.

Holistic development consultancy is a consulting service that considers the whole organization or system (its people, processes, financing, subsystems, strategy, leadership and culture) and their subtle inter-relationships to achieve optimum results rather than merely addressing the apparently troubled sub-system, process, function or department alone. It recognizes that even when all sub-systems are healthy if that necessary interaction between them is unhealthy, sub-optimal or non-existent the whole will be much less than the sum of its parts.