A system is an assemblage of inter-related elements comprising a unified whole. A system in this context is anything which takes integrity and form from the ongoing interaction of its parts. Organizations, nations, families, functions, departments, bodies and companies are all systems. Systems are thus defined by the fact that these elements have a common purpose and behave in common ways.

Organizational change efforts are systems themselves. They are rooted in complex interrelationships among a large number of people inside and outside the organization widely separated across time and space but cohesive across a long span of time. To lead a change effort and maybe to simply live in one, it is essential to develop an intensive capability to see and work with systems and understand systems with more than one approach.

At Clement Ashley Consulting, we are System Thinkers with the ability to see the ‘world' in many ways and forms. This multifaceted world view and multiplicity of models, methods and approaches with an understanding of interrelationships gives us a unique ability to intuitively identify and solve systems problems, develop new systems or improve existing ones for you in your very own corner of the world.

Open systems, closed systems, social systems, business systems, systems dynamics, process systems, living systems, information systems, operating systems, financial systems, organizational systems are just a few of the systems we understand and appreciate. Each is complementary with the others and switching between them comes naturally to us, making us multi-dimensional in our intuitive grasp of situations.

We specialize in using our understanding of systems to help companies design holistic goals and the systems to support achievement of such goals.

  • Systems Audit.
  • Systems Design.
  • Information Systems Selection.

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