In many organizations process design is not planned for. Processes develop haphazardly over time and many times exist for process sake. Sometimes auditors, regulators, or a desire for ISO 9000 certification causes the organization to start documenting the processes. Over time redundancies and inefficiencies develop and when some operational lapse causes a significant loss, the need for process design, redesign/ reengineering is identified. I

n many organizations process owners do not really understand why they do what they do. In some organizations no one knows who owns the process, and in nearly all organizations the link between the process and how the business creates value is all but lost.

At Clement Ashley Consulting, we help businesses and organizations understand the link between their business model and their target processes. This enables them pro-actively design processes that will work to achieve their business objectives and create competitive advantage. Our focus is process design to add value to the customer who will ultimately pay you for the value created.


  • Process Audit.
  • Business Process re-engineering.
  • Process Design

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