How to register your CV online from 14th April 2008

1. Obtain a preloaded cash card or ATM card that is either Interswitch
or Vpay enabled. If you want a card click on any of the links below to find out more.

2. Ensure that you have at least N600 (Six Hundred Naira) on the card

3. Visit

4. Sign up on the home page or login if you are already signed up

5. From the home page click on ‘Jobseekers’

6. Then click on ‘register’ from the dropdown menu

7. This will take you to the on-line store

8. Click on the product ‘online resume’

9. Choose your payment method ‘Interswitch’ or ‘Vpay’

10. Click on the logo of Interswitch or Vpay

11. Read our ‘Policies’ and ‘Terms of Use’

12. If you agree click ‘I agree’ note that this means that you agree to our terms and conditions of use.

13. If you agree you will be taken to the payment details. Click on ‘Pay

14. Enter your payment details and secret PIN. Ensure that you do this
from a secure computer or private location.

15. Click on ‘Pay’ or ‘Ok’

16. You will receive an order confirmation and access to the online
resume page

17. Remember to fill out ‘Personal’ Academic and ‘Job’ Details