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    Basle II Implementation
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    The New Basle Accord is built on the premise that safety and soundness in

    today’s dynamic and complex financial system can be attained only by the

    combination of effective bank-level management, market discipline, and supervision. Accordingly, the proposed framework is based on these pillars. The fundamental criticism of the earlier accord was that it offered too rough and ready an answer to the question of how much capital a bank should hold in relation to its assets. The old accord was and still is almost entirely related to credit risk, which though it is the main risk incurred by banks is far from the only risk.
    Years after the first accord the world of banking and business generally has changed beyond recognition, seeing numerous banks suffering capital loss for reasons other than pure credit risk mismanagement. Therefore Basle II implementation is something all banks should take seriously whereas many banks are not prepared for it. This course seeks to bring bank personnel to an understanding of the requirements of Basle II implementation starting from the banks present situation and recognizing that Basle II implementation is a journey not a destination.


  • Outline

    ·        The road to Basle II

    ·        The role of the  three pillars

    ·        Pillar 1 – Minimum capital

    ·        Pillar 2-   Supervisory Review

    ·        Pillar 3 – Market Discipline (Enhanced Disclosure)

    ·        Core Principles

    ·        Benefits of the new accord

    ·        Credit Risk Management under Basle II

    ·        Liquidity Risk Management under Basle II

    ·        Market risk management under Basle II

    ·        Operational Risk Management under Basle II

    ·        Enterprise wide Risk management and Basle II


  • Duration 2 Days
  • Fee =N= 70,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Basle II Implementation

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