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    Creativity and Problem Solving
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    Every product or service ever sold, every problem ever solved, every Naira ever made, every opportunity that was harnessed to derive revenue, every cost saving activity and every business ever built originated as an ‘idea’. Ideas are the seeds of money making, of inventions and of problems solved, opportunities grasped and wealth created. It’s as simple as an ‘idea’. Why then are many people under-performing. Why do problems still exist and why are people, companies and nations poor. Simply put it’s the lack of quality ideas.


    Everyone is gifted with the ability to come up with ground-breaking ideas to improve service delivery, create new products, improve performance and hence bottom-line results. However generating ideas requires creativity. For many of us creativity is an event -something we do once or twice in our lifetime. Creativity in reality is a process, that can be learnt to assist us unleash the power of ideas. Creativity when learnt and practiced repeatedly in a structured way can become a capability built into an individual or an organisation that enables us generate new ideas, rapidly and on demand.


    With the many problems and challenges faced by businesses, creativity and problem solving has never been more critical to business success. This course is designed to assist managers responsible for product development, process improvement, change management, integration and business development, acquire the skills to generate and implement new ideas.

  • Outline


    ·      Improving and Generating new products and Services

    ·      Creating new products and service strategies

    ·      Generating radically new ideas

    ·      Looking with different perspectives

    ·      Widening the search for solutions

    ·      Making creative leaps

    ·      Carrying out thought experiments

    ·      Simplifying the process of creativity

    ·      Powerful yet simple problem solving processes

  • Duration One Day
  • Fee =N= 40,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Creativity and Problem Solving

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