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    Credit Risk Management
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    All banks buy and sell money. Selling money involves taking a credit risk. The risk involved in extending credit has brought down more financial institutions than any other risk. Therefore good credit risk management is the hallmark of good banking. Some organisations on the other hand become so risk averse that they no longer make money. In this new regime of  mega banks, banks must lend or end up underutilizing their capital. However such risks need to be well calculated. To prepare for this new paradigm it is necessary to give all core banking personnel the training necessary to enable them identify prospects that are bankable, appraise the credit, monitor the credit and ensure maximization of profit and minimization of loan loss by avoiding bad credits altogether and identifying early warning signals of potential default conditions. At the end of these sessions the participants would have learnt how to work together as a team to achieve all this.



  • Outline
    • Credit Strategy, Philosophy and Policy
    • Functions of the Credit Risk Department
    • Establishment of Credit Limits
    • Assessment of Credit proposals
    • Pricing of Credit
    • Credit Authorization
    • Credit Risk Monitoring
    • Loan recovery and workout
  • Duration 2 days
  • Fee =N= 70,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Credit Risk Management

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