• Name
    Enterprise Leadership-Developing an ownership mindset in employees
  • Details

    A pre-course questionnaire – establishes what the participants know about leadership especially myths that need to be dispelled and truths that need to be reinforced.

  • Outline
    • Definition of Leadership and the qualities of leadership
    • Domain, Context and Orientation of Leadership – The Leadership Cube explained
    • Vision in Leadership – What is vision and why is it important to leadership
    • Differing styles of Leadership – Situational leadership and style
    • The role of Leadership – The four E’s framework
    • The Business challenge
    • The Holistic Enterprise Leadership response
    • The application of  ‘Holistic Enterprise Leadership’ to; Market Leadership – Product Leadership – Leadership in HRM Systems – Process Leadership –Leadership in Financial Management Systems – Leadership in Risk Management – Leadership in Learning and Growth – Leadership in Supplier Chain Management – Thought Leadership
    • Personality of the Leader/Manager – Self assessment of leadership/managerial personality traits
    • Leadership and Management – The difference between leadership and management and development of effective management skills
  • Duration One Day
  • Fee =N= 40,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Enterprise Leadership-Developing an ownership mindset in employees

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