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    Holistic Manager Programme
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    In response to business’ needs, our existing training programmes have been packaged into a new product ‘the Holistic Manager Programme’ (HMP). The HMP aims to develop well rounded, multi-skilled holistic managers. This certificate Programme is specially designed to take as little of your manager’s time as possible, cover all the essential skills that a well rounded manager should have and produce extraordinary results in improved performance. This training is delivered in a modular but integrated way. This training provides opportunity for managers to practice what they learn at work, your business’ problem becomes the case study their learning and practice on the job is backed up (in between sessions) with e-mail support from our facilitators. The Training is flexible such that managers can join the program at any time and it is provided at an affordable cost at a relaxing and upscale venue.



    Each one of these skills is handled over a one day course held one per month followed by practical assignments worked on by the participant manager at his desk, and on the job, as part of executing his daily tasks and meeting his periodic goals. Because of the unique modular yet integrated approach, managers can join at any point in the program without missing anything at all and complete the program by attending the next 12 consecutive sessions. No matter the subject we are facilitating, we make sure participants understand how it fits into the whole business and your corporate objectives.


    This certificate programme is aimed at managers in larger organizations who do not report directly to the CEO and managers in smaller organizations (SME’s) who report to the CEO as well as those who don’t. The highlights of the programme are as follows:



  • Outline

    1. Human Resource Management for Line Managers
    2. Leadership at all levels
    3. Creativity and Problem Solving
    4. Customer Care
    5. Presentation skills
    6. Team Building
    7. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
    8. Project management
    1. Performance Management –Translating Strategy to Action
    2. Goal Setting and Appraisal Skills
    3. Financial Control for Peak performance
    4. Sales Force Effectiveness and Selling Skills


  • Duration 12 Months
  • Fee =N= 600,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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