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    Human Resource Management for Line Managers
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    Eighty percent (80%) of business success is tied to people. Recruiting the right people, motivating the right people, training the right people, retaining the right people while releasing the wrong ones is the key to your success. Many business under-perform because they don’t know to do this or they can’t do it well. Many businesses think that Human Resource Management is the job of the HR department alone and never train line managers in human resource management. Whereas in fact, more than 90% of HR management is actually done by line managers. Send your line mangers to this seminar and learn how to do this right.

  • Outline


    • What is your plan?
    • What is a Human Resource Plan?
    • What is the difference between Human Resource Management and Personal Administration (Case Study)
    • Recruiting staff – Your role as line manager
    • Personality profiling
    • Conducting an interview
    • Training your staff
    • Supervising your staff
    • Rewarding your staff when you are the manager
    • Motivating staff
    • Managing your staff
    • Appraising your staff
    • Retaining good staff and releasing bad staff
  • Duration One Day
  • Fee =N= 40,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Human Resource Management for Line Managers

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