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    Improving Customer Loyalty
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    This course will provide employees and managers with basic understanding and tools for building customer loyalty.  It covers basic principles and approaches for dealing with customer interactions for creating loyal, repeat customers. 


    This course is intended for front-line customer service employees in a wide range of businesses and industries.


    This course should take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.


    * Recognize the importance of customer loyalty and the high costs of lost customers
    * Identify the sources of customer turn-offs—what makes people dissatisfied
    * Explore techniques for dealing effectively with unhappy customers in a professional and helpful way
    * Understand the role of customer expectations in determining satisfaction and loyalty
    * Apply the best loyalty-building service behaviors


    Building customer loyalty is a ongoing project involving everyone in the organization.  It is the single most important function for any organization.  Customers are the lifeblood of a company, and keeping them loyal is a never ending process of meeting and exceeding their needs.

    Customers are generally loyal to companies that provide them with exceptional service. They are not quick to change from one company to another.  However, once they make a decision to go somewhere else, it’s difficult to win them back.  Thus, it is critical for firms to stay in touch with their customers and to constantly look for new ways to provide them with value. 

    Topics Include:

    Defining Customer Loyalty
    * What is Customer Loyalty?
    * Facts About Dissatisfied Customers
    * Analysis
    * Keypoint

    Primary Customer Turnoffs

    * Value Turnoffs
    * Systems Turnoffs
    * People Turnoffs
    * Learning Check

    Recovering Lost Customers

    * Recovering from Disaster
    * Listen Actively
    * Best Practices

    Customer Expectations

    * How Expecations May Vary Among Customers
    * The Zone of Indifference
    * The Psychology Behind Exceeding Customer Expectations
    * Learning Check

    Exceeding Customer Expectations

    * Value
    * Information
    * Speed
    * Add-ons
    * Convenience
    * Learning Check

    Talking with Customers

    * Greet Customers Like Guests
    * Start an Appropriate Conversation
    * Ask Customers How Well They Have Been Served
    * Reassure the Customer
    * Use Good Telephone Techniques
    * Best Practices: Talking With Customers
    * Be Polite
    * Best Practices

    Effective Actions
    * Use Eye Contact
    * Smile Sincerely
    * Promptly Follow Through on Commitments
    * Reach Out and Touch Customers
    * Learning Check

    Become a Loyalty Builder

    * Set Objectives
    * Ask for Additional Authority
    * Help Recruit Quality Employees
    * Make Feedback Receptiveness a Habit
    * Uplift and Motivate Others
    * Be a Service Teacher

    Final Exam

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Improving Customer Loyalty

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