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    Managing Work-Related Stress - Price $99
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    1)      Program Summary

    a)      Origin and Consequences of Stress

    b)      Recognizing your Stress Signature

    c)      Awareness and Choice

    d)     Benchmarking your Stress

    e)      Long-Term and Immediate-Need Stress Management Techniques

    2)      Instant Technique, Cleansing Breath

    3)      Topic 1: What is stress?

    a)      What is the origin of stress?

    4)      Topic 2: The Stress Reaction

    a)      Physiological Benefits of Managing Stress

    b)      Psychological Benefits of Managing Stress

    5)      Topic 3: The Sources of Stress

    a)      Environmental Stressors

    b)      Social Stressors

    c)      Physiological Stressors

    d)     Your Thoughts

    6)      Topic 4: Instant Technique: Diaphragmatic Breathing

    7)      Topic 5: Type A Behavior

    a)      The Missing Link

    8)      Topic 6: Burnout

    a)      What You Can Do

    9)      Topic 7: Timeshifting

    10)  Topic 8: Creating a Relaxing Environment

    11)  Topic 9: Stress Hardiness

    a)      Learned Optimism

    b)      Optimism Exercise 1: Reframing

    c)      Optimism Exercise 2: Gratitude

    12)  Topic 10: Instant Technique: Stop, Breathe, Reflect, Choose

    13)  Topic 11: Meditation

    a)      Physiological Benefits

    b)      Psychological Benefits

    c)      Meditation Technique

    d)     Long-Term Technique, Practice Session: Meditation

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Managing Work-Related Stress - Price $99

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