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    Negotiation Skills
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    Communicating with others is an elegant art.  Good communication reflects courtesy and good manners. Communicating carefully with others improves competence and performance success. The result of poor communication skills could be disastrous in business, employment and social relations.  Good communication can eliminate a number of problems from  imaginary grievances of employees to overcoming customer objections. Good communication skills can improve social  and business relations and conversation. Good communication skills can be acquired by everyone with a little bit of learning and a lot of practice. The new global and diverse workplace requires excellent communication skills. One special type of communication is the art of negotiation. Wherever communication is needed negotiation skills are also required. Having good negotiation skills can win business, accelerate career growth and improve relationships dramatically.

  • Outline

    §  Introduction and overview

    §  Planning for negotiation

    §  Identifying the need for negotiation

    §  Learning to avoid ineffective negotiation

    §  Effective negotiation – What it is about

    §  Preparing yourself for negotiation – identifying BATNA and WATNA

    §  Traditional versus modern negotiation styles

    §  Beginning with the end in mind – Identifying outcomes

    §  Using influencing skills appropriately

    §  The levers of influence

    §  Using listening skills effectively

    §  Recognizing assertiveness and using assertiveness in negotiation

    §  Understanding power in negotiation

    §  Influencing the balance of power

    §  Negotiation strategy

    §  The negotiation process – O – E – C – C – F

    §  Conflict resolution in negotiation

    §  Essential skills for the effective negotiator

  • Duration One Day
  • Fee =N= 50,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Negotiation Skills

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