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    Performance Management – translating strategy to action
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    An organisation’s strategy describes how it intends to create value for its shareholders, customers and stakeholders and achieve its vision. It has been estimated that seventy percent (70%) of strategies fail. The problem is usually not in the strategy itself. Very few strategies are inherently bad. The problem usually is in the execution or implementation of strategy. Objectives and targets will not be achieved simply because they have been identified. The organisation must launch a set of action programs that will enable the targets for all the measures to be achieved, these action programs are the strategic initiatives that create results.


    The action plans that define and provide resources for the strategic initiatives must be aligned around the strategic themes and must be viewed as a holistic bundle of investments instead of a group of stand-alone projects. Strategies fail because very few company executives have a holistic view of their organisation and its strategic themes. This workshop uses the ‘strategy map’ tool to equip participants to gain a holistic view of their organisation and thus successfully translate strategy to action.


  • Outline
    1. Assessment - where are we now?


    1. Reviewing our Goals - where we want to go, the strategic results we want to  achieve


    3.      Reviewing our Strategy – Assessing objectives do the elements of

          the strategy add up?


    1. Strategic Mapping – identifying performance drivers and enablers as well as cause and effect linkages.


    1. Performance measures, targets and baselines – are we measuring the right things?


    1. Reviewing Initiatives – Are new projects that are being undertaken achieving results.


    1. Assessing alignment using scorecards


    1. Evaluation and the feedback loop  
  • Duration Two Days
  • Fee =N= 70,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Performance Management – translating strategy to action

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