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    Project Management
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    As you and your manager’s progress in your career, you will face more and more complex and difficult challenges. Some of these may be huge - they may involve the coordination of many different people, the completion of many tasks in a precise sequence, and the expenditure of a great deal of time and money.


    Managing projects these days is now being seen as synonymous with scheduling, critical path analysis and using the latest software. However projects can still fail if the soft side of project management is not integrated in the project plan. This seminar takes a holistic view of the topic and teaches the traditional project management topics, as well as how to manage the soft side as well.


  • Outline

    ·      Introduction

    ·      Estimating Time accurately

    ·      Scheduling Simple Projects

    ·                                                                  Scheduling Projects with dependent stages – Using Gantt Charts

    ·      Scheduling Complex Projects Using Critical Path Analysis and PERT

    ·      The Planning Cycle

    ·      Planning Large Projects and Programmes

    ·      Integrating Time Management Tools with project management

    ·      Stakeholder Analysis – Whose support do you need?

    ·      Stakeholder Management – Communicating to win support for your projects

    ·      Evaluating Project Results.


  • Duration 2 Days
  • Fee =N= 80,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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