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    Sales force effectiveness for sales directors and managers
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    Research findings conducted by Nightingale Conant have identified five issues that adversely affect sales force effectiveness. The issues are ? Issue 1:

    A Poorly Defined Sales Process, which Dilutes Sales Revenues ? Issue 2:

    Lack of Essential Skills, which Leads to Below Average Performance and Consequently Below Average Sales Results   ? Issue 3: Failing to Focus Salespeople’s Activity, which Reduces Efficiency and Consequently Reduces Results ? Issue 4:Allowing Self-Limiting Beliefs to Constrain Salespeople’s

    Performance, which Limits Sales Results ? Issue 5:Failing to Choose and Develop a Sales Leadership Team that Nurtures and Develops their Salespeople’s Potential, which Decreases Sales Results.


    This course outlines the five most common issues that Sales Directors need to avoid and reveals the secrets that have helped their top performing

    colleagues unleash the maximum talent of their sales teams.


    If you’re a sales director, sales manager or area sales manager committed to significant sales growth then you’ll find this course highly valuable.



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    Using a Ground breaking toolkit and new sales development system that guarantees a permanent improvement in sales results , you will learn how to:


    • reinforces and encourages a consultative sales process so that salespeople  automatically become even more customer focused
    • continually develops essential selling skills so that   salespeople improve their performance and consequently their results
    • focuses salespeople’s activities to achieve a balance   between prospecting fo   new business, and generating incremental business  from existing customers
    • creates a positive mindset and empowering beliefs that  banishes call  reluctance, improves consistency and turbo charges salespeople’s   performance
    • use  this tool flexibly during sales meetings to provide fun, practical development sessions that instantly improve sales results

    Well, you don’t need to imagine these things any longer because you can transform your salespeople’s performance and results with The Sales Activator®.




    Nikki Owen previously she worked for one of the Mars companies as a Key Account Manager and was consistently their top performing salesperson. Nikki then joined Western International Holdings PLC to establish a global network of distributors for a range of children’s character merchandise products before starting her own sales development company (Trainique Limited) in 1991. Nikki has coached and trained over 5,000 salespeople and their managers and conducted extensive research with over 2,600 organizations in her quest to enable them to permanently increase their sales results.


    As a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistics and an avid developer of accelerated learning methodologies her programs, products and systems are designed to turbo-charge learning for rapid development. Nikki’s clients have been astounded with the results they’ve achieved from  her innovative, barrier breaking solutions. She has used this wealth of experience to develop a groundbreaking new sales development system called The Sales Activator® which has won universal acclaim for changing the face of sales development by some of the world’s biggest organizations.


    Course Fee:  £ 2,500 (includes one Sales Activator® Toolkit for your company

  • Duration 2 Days
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Sales force effectiveness for sales directors and managers

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