• Name
    Selling to the Nexus
  • Details

    Selling is one of the most taught subjects around. This is because every organisation that exists, whether for profit or not for profit has to sell something. Its either a product, a service, an idea or just themselves. This course while reinforcing the principles and processes of selling already known seeks to take a holistic view of the subject and bring participants to an understanding of buyer personality and psychology and its influence on selling and prospecting. At the end of this course, you would have learnt how to identify buyer personality types and would have learned how to influence them and therefore make different personalities buy from you. Even if you have attended ten selling courses in the past, most of what you will hear and learn from the lectures, presentations, exercises and role play on this course will be brand new to you.

  • Outline
    • Introduction
    • The Psychology of Selling
    • Understanding Personality
    • Practical Assignment – discovering our personalities
    • The personality of the seller
    • The personality of the buyer
    • Selling to the nexus
    • Choosing a sales team
    • Making the sales call
  • Duration 2 days
  • Fee =N= 70,000.00
  • Inplant YES
  • Classroom YES
  • Online NO

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Selling to the Nexus

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