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    Writing Good Procedures Price $47
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    This module is one of twelve modules that comprise a comprehensive course in the fundamentals of Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP. GMP is a federal regulation developed and enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that pharmaceutical and medical device products safe, pure, and effective. All pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers within the United States or who intend to market their products within the United States are required to comply with GMPs. All employees of these companies are required by the GMP regulation to be trained in GMP. This course can help you meet this requirement.


    Course Description:

    This module is designed to take from ten to twenty minutes to complete. At the conclusion is a test comprised of ten questions. Your test score will be saved. When you complete a module and test successfully, you can print a certificate of completion.


    Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    1.      Understand FDA and  GMP terms they are likely to encounter.

    2.      Understand the intent of the GMP regulations.

    3.      Have a thorough understanding of the breadth and scope of the GMP regulations.

    4.      Develop a personal commitment to comply with the GMP regulations.

    5.      Recognize violations and potential violations of the GMP regulations.


    Module Three – Writing Good Procedures                       

    ·        Written procedures – a fundamental of Good Manufacturing Practice

    ·        Identifying a well-written procedure

    ·        Requirements for writing effective procedures

    ·        Requirements for controlled documents

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Writing Good Procedures Price $47

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