Our Holistic Approach To Training

1. Quality

  • We aim to provide the highest quality of training available anywhere and we use the Kaizen principle of continuous small improvements to ensure that you receive the best possible training experience. Ijeoma Rita Odeigah and the other facilitators bring to their trainings a unique richness and depth of knowledge that comes from broad theoretical knowledge expanded by real-life consulting and honed by hands on experience, each facilitator has on his own more than two decades of experience.

2. Value for money

  • We aim to provide you with excellent value for your money by maintaining very competitive training fees while keeping attendances very small. We limit numbers to ensure you have access to, and receive individual attention and guidance from, our facilitators.

3. Respect

  • We respect your integrity and individuality. Our trainings use an `adult learning’ approach so, rather than being talked at, you learn actively through facilitated exercises, explorations and discussions. And we value the wealth of life experiences and skills that you bring to a training and view each training as an opportunity for everyone, including facilitators, to learn from one another.

4. Innovation and creativity

  • In line with the creative and innovative roots of Holism we aim to continually 'push the boundaries' - by questioning our approach to ‘holistic development’ and ‘holistic training’ developing it further, keeping it fresh and vital and to ensuring that the potential of holism is maximised - both in our trainings and in our lives.
    Our workshops, seminars and longer courses address all levels of experience. Instead of simply telling you about techniques we provide experiences that enable you to also learn at the emotional and attitudinal levels. And because we emphasis learning-through-discovery you learn not only from the course materials and presentations but also from your experiences, through practice, through discussions, and through interacting with the facilitator/trainer and other participants.

5. KISS - Keep It So Simple!

  • It takes more time and effort to design, structure and condense complex ideas into a letter - or a short training. We make the extra effort to keep it simple for you. We aim to make your experience of our courses effortless but stretching by carefully designing and sequencing the concepts you encounter in our trainings while ensuring that they are simple to grasp and fun to learn. We believe that learning can and should be lots of fun.

6. Holistic Development Paradigm

  • We believe in walking our talk and aim to exemplify the fundamental principles of holism in our work and in our interactions with participants. No matter what course you come on we aim to show you how it fits into the larger picture, your business strategy and the whole.

7. We want to impress you...

  • We want you to leave our training very impressed ... with yourself, your abilities and your own potential...

8. We want to delight you….

  • We want to go the extra mile to add value to your experience while learning with us. We want you to leave our training with a smile on your face.

    The courses we currently offer include and are not limited to:

    • Presentation Skills

    • Team Building

    • Time Management

    • Leadership

    • Project Management

    • Goal Setting and Appraisal Skills

    • Strategy Design

    • Performance Management

    • Process Design

    • Creativity and Problem Solving

    • HRM for Line Managers and SME’s

    • Bookkeeping & Finance for SME’s

    • Entrepreneurship skills for bankers/professionals

    Our training is all about you, so if you would like training that is not currently on this list just send your request to robu@clementashley-consulting.com and we will design a course to meet your needs.